The fusion energy assessment report is now available (see links below):


1)   Volume I summarizes the findings and recommends a way forward. View Volume I  HERE


2)    Volume II provides additional details on fusion approaches, status, benefits; site visits, workshops & forum and; outlines an Alberta implementation strategy. View Volume II  HERE



The report emphasis is on inertial fusion energy, per the request of Alberta Energy, with report deliverables to include:


1)    Assessment of major global fusion technologies, highlighting inertial fusion energy (IFE) with its various options and potential for economic development, but including an outline of magnetic fusion energy (MFE) development


2)    Assessment of an Alberta role in developing fusion enabling technologies with a focus on its potential for strengthening and diversifying our economy and research capability


3)    Understanding how fusion can be used in Alberta for heat and electricity with potential application to oil sands



With respect to 3), the application of fusion energy in Alberta was the subject of a separate contract study with LLNL and the full report is available HERE


 Access requires a signed non-disclosure agreement.